Since our early days in 2008, we demand that every action our company takes, it does so with integrity. We believe that ethical management and operations are the only road to a successful future of any enterprise. Ensuring our herd (team members) and industry partners are inspired and motivated to not only excel in delivery of their business tasks but also to outreach to their community is paramount for us. A herd cannot thrive in a distressed environment, much as the people of our community. As people, not just nosiness associates, we individually strive to put our best foot forward in this world, which is why we proactively engage in community endeavors to benefit those less fortunate around us.


We are a philanthropic minded company:

One of our fundamental values (see our Mantra page) centers around philanthropy. Throughout the year, we are dedicated to actively engaging in charitable endeavors. Whether it’s providing meals to the less fortunate onThanksgiving, participating in walk/run events, or extending a helping hand at a local farm, our herd of Giraffes is committed to positively impacting the lives of those in need.


See some of our “Herd Of Helping Hands” activities:

Thanksgiving 2023: Thanksgiving 2023: In support of the Riviera Beach Head Start Center, we have donated 70 Thanksgiving dinners to help feed those less fortunate. We love this annual event and hope to feed no less than 100 families next year!!!

5K Walk Run 2023: Our herd can run. Especially for a good cause. We enjoy the outdoors especially when it benefits such a great organization like St. Jude of Palm Beach.

Farming Weekend: Being outside doing hard labor? Not a problem!!! Our herd loved getting down and dirty in mud helping our local farmers at The Westgate Community Farm have a better day

Thanksgiving 2022: In support of the Jupiter Head Start Center, we have donated 50 thanksgiving dinners to families with children in need. Nothing tastes better than helping those less fortunate especially on Thanksgiving when we reflect on our good fortune and feel it is our duty to share it with our fellow community members.

Giraffe supports the following charitable organizations: