Orca serves as our advanced digital campaign deployment and management system. Its unparalleled capacity to dynamically control numerous multi- channel campaigns across a vast portfolio of brand clients sets it apart in the industry.

The platform not only executes campaigns but also meticulously monitors the functionality of downstream vendors, analyzes consumer behavior patterns, and integrates multiple compliance modules.

By leveraging consumer engagement technologies and implementing dynamic campaign deployment strategies, Orca ensures that consumers enjoy an unparalleled, optimized, and custom-tailored experience aligned with the brand’s product and specific consumer indications of intent.

The platform’s core priorities are structured around Compliance, Deliverability, and, subsequently, Profitability.

DASx functions as our consumer data intake system, serving as the gatekeeper technology responsible for monitoring incoming consumer data.

It subjects the data to a meticulous process involving multiple layers of tests to prioritize the integrity of the information, ensure compliance and validity of consumer permissions, and ultimately safeguard our brand clients from false consumers or fraudulent data sources.

Our rigorous data scrubbing process involves thorough checks against the knowledge bases of various partners, enabling us to identify and exclude incomplete, ill-gotten, or outright fraudulent data elements at the individual record level.

Additionally, we cross-reference incoming data with our proprietary databases, which encompass known consumer behavior and mandatory scrub lists, allowing only desired consumers to be included in our client’s reach.

DASx not only ensures the worthiness of the data but also efficiently deploys it into the appropriate campaign or system within Giraffe’s technological ecosystem.

Intelligix serves as our comprehensive consumer behavior analysis, predictive targeting, and engagement optimization system. It prescribes the optimal engagement protocols to our campaign management platform, Orca, as well as external AI-driven media partners. These partners may either employ their proprietary AI algorithms for consumer engagement or align their strategies with specific directives provided by Intelligix.

This continually evolving knowledge-base accumulates real-time information from various sources within our ecosystem, spanning from permission gathering channels to ongoing consumer behaviors during campaigns.

This data is leveraged to determine the most effective strategies at any given moment to guide consumer decisions, all while adhering to our steadfast ethical guidelines

Metis, named after the Greek Titan of knowledge, serves as our online, real- time knowledge management system, empowering our team to oversee, scrutinize, and derive insights from all facets of our technology.

The system’s capacity for detailed reporting and observation is truly remarkable. Our primary objective is straightforward: to interrogate, learn, and promptly implement corrective or supportive measures. Given the multitude of activities our systems monitor, it is imperative that Metis delivers data visualization in real-time to operators, facilitating informed decision-making.

The system ensures a continuous flow of actionable data, enabling Giraffe’s professionals to maintain control, even in scenarios where AI and other algorithms drive our business and that of our clients, with an unwavering commitment to prioritizing a positive consumer experience.

We weren’t always this technologically smart.
We had to evolve.

It took a minute, (6 million years, actually) but the giraffe is here.


While it took the Giraffe species six million years to undergo evolutionary development, our team, established in 2008, achieved a profound level of knowledge and expertise in a comparatively shorter period.

Recognizing that numerous digital agencies profess the capability to manage your brand’s business, we assertively declare our distinctiveness. We do not merely strive to be among the best; we stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Our paramount commitment is to the consumer, with your brand’s profitability following closely behind.

Our business ethos revolves around unwavering compliance, morality, and ethical standards. Rest assured, your role as our client holds paramount importance to us. We firmly believe that in the grand scheme of things, long-term strategies emerge victorious, as opposed to short-term approaches that may secure occasional victories.

Our mission is to cultivate enduring relationships, dedicating our full resources to support you and your business, and collectively making a positive impact on consumers